Managing the life cycle
of a car with blockchain technology.

  • All information along the life cycle of a car in one place
  • Transparent, trustworthy and verified car history reports
  • Secure and reliable data exchange and ownership
  • Digitalisation of the car-related ecosystem



Inconsistent and unreliable data saved by different organizations in local databases

Costly and cumbersome business processes for companies and state organizations

No transparency and trust between individuals and organizations

No single source of truth for car information



e develop a decentralized blockchain-based cardossier platform which stores all relevant information about a car’s history in a secure and reliable manner. The information on events in a car’s history is collected from organizations involved in car-related processes (e.g. an importer, an insurance company, a garage, etc.).


he cardossier platform is run by a consortium of organizations which aims to bring transparency and trust to the car-related ecosystem. We believe that only altogether in the consortium we can reach our goal. Companies that are part of the consortium can profit from process optimizations and create business value through the data access on the cardossier platform.


he cardossier creates a truly transparent data market, where data owners get full control over their data: The identity (person or organization) that owns the data rights is in control of who, when, and why someone may access it, and will receive compensation for data provision. Whoever receives data should pay a fee for it.

Value Proposition



Over all events in a
car’s life cycle

Trust by design

Ensured by blockchain


Shared governance in
the consortium

Regulatory compliance

Trusted auditable


High security and controlled
data ownership

Business potential

New business models and
process optimizations for partners

Team & Consortium

Steering Committee

  • Dr. Tom Sprenger
    Dr. Tom Sprenger AdNovum

    Steering Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schwabe
    Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schwabe University of Zurich

    Research Partner

  • Prof. Ursula Sury
    Prof. Ursula Sury Hochschule Luzern

    Research Partner

  • Tobias Lukas
    Tobias Lukas AMAG


  • Lorenz Hänggi
    Lorenz Hänggi AXA


  • Dr. Martin Sprenger
    Dr. Martin Sprenger Strassenverkehrsamt Kt. AG

    President Board

  • Marcel Amstutz
    Marcel Amstutz Mobility Genossenschaft



  • Matthias Loepfe
    Matthias Loepfe AdNovum

    Vice President Board

  • Stéphane Mingot
    Stéphane Mingot AdNovum

    Innovation Engineer

  • Michael von Känel
    Michael von Känel AdNovum

    Architect and Lead Developer

  • Danny Arielli
    Danny Arielli AdNovum

    User Experience & Interface Designer

  • Gino Cardillo
    Gino Cardillo AdNovum


  • Liudmila Zavolokina
    Liudmila Zavolokina University of Zurich

    Research Partner

  • Ingrid Bauer
    Ingrid Bauer University of Zurich

    Research Partner

  • Rafael Ziolkowski
    Rafael Ziolkowski University of Zurich

    Research Partner

  • Andreas Engelmann
    Andreas Engelmann University of Zurich

    Research Partner

  • Esad Ceranic
    Esad Ceranic AMAG Leasing


  • Jan Dilling
    Jan Dilling AMAG


  • Alex Joller
    Alex Joller mobility




AdNovum Informatik AG


AMAG Import

Universität Zürich

Universität Zürich, Institut für Informatik




Strassenverkehrsamt Kanton Aargau


Hochschule Luzern, Informatik


Mobility Carsharings


Where we are and where we are going


This timeline describes our project activities and development goals.

We started our journey in October 2016, inspired by the idea of solving trust issues with a new fascinating technology. We asked ourselves: “Who do you trust least?”. This question clearly brought us to the used car market case. Later, we realised that potential of the blockchain-based cardossier is not limited to the used car market itself, but brings value for individuals and businesses in the automobile ecosystem.

cardossier-timelineOctober 2016, concept development and IdeationOctober 2017, start of Innosuisse ProjectJuly 2019, end of Innosuisse ProjectSpring 2019January 2020, Go LivePreparation of the Innosuisse applicationPlatform releaseNew partnerships and members in the consortiumContinue development of the cardossier platform: new features and additional servicesActivities on standardizationOn-boarding of additional partnersRe-evaluation of the consortium’s governance and future cooperation settingsDevelopment and Testing of cardossier platformEvaluation of potential use cases for on-boarded members and the consortiumSet-up of members’ nodesPreparation for the Go-LiveAccess to the Test-Net is granted for consortium membersFoundation of the cardossier non profit organizationDevelopment of the cardossier platform (MVP) for a used car sale caseWebsite launchEvaluation of potential use cases on the basis of the potentials of the platformEvaluation and design of governance mechanisms for a blockchain consortium projectEvaluation and implementation of respective data security and privacy mechanismsBusiness model and business plan


  • In Zusammenarbeit mit der Universität Zürich, der Hochschule Luzern – Informatik, AMAG, AXA, Mobility und dem Strassenverkehrsamt Aargau entwickelt AdNovum ein digitales Dossier auf Blockchain-Basis, in dem die gesamte Historie eines Fahrzeugs gespeichert werden kann. Read more..

  • Was bringt die Blockchain der Autoindustrie? Schweizer Unternehmen, Bildungsinstitutionen und ein Strassenverkehrsamt kooperieren, um das herauszufinden. Der Bund unterstützt das Projekt finanziell. Read more..

  • Jedes zweite Unternehmen befasst sich mit Blockchain. Wie die neue Technologie Ehrlichkeit erzwingt und den Papierkrieg reduziert, zeigen Beispiele aus der Praxis. Read more..

  • Zürich – AdNovum entwickelt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Universität Zürich, der Hochschule Luzern – Informatik, AMAG, AXA, Mobility und dem Strassenverkehrsamt Aargau ein digitales Dossier auf Blockchain-Basis. Read more..

    money cab
    money cab
  • Die Zürcher Softwarefirma AdNovum entwickelt gemeinsam mit dem Strassenverkehrsamt Aargau, Universitäten sowie Unternehmen wie Mobility ein digitales Dossier auf Blockchain-Basis. Dieses soll den gesamten Lebenszyklus eines Fahrzeuges speichern. Read more..

    Swiss cleantech
    Swiss cleantech

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